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  • Shenyang to Chengdu via Yantai with China Southern Airlines, the flight was on time which is usually the case with early morning flights. A short stop in Yantai and then onto Chengdu. Food on the first segment was an unidentified piece of bread with a filling - I passed on this. The second segment was some inedible fish - oily, no taste and unpleasant smell, and I passed again. The airplane was clean, the toilets were clean.
    - Robert Walbeek (China), 8th January 2016
  • London to Guangzhou on 26th December with China Southern Airlines was the best flight I have taken. The cabin attendants showed their best manner, checking the security situation carefully, changing my earphone and asking me if I need help. The meal was delicious. I was mostly satisfied with my trip except that China Southern do not offer any onboard WiFi service.
    - Hongms Yu (China), 8th January 2016
  • Took the China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to London Heathrow on 5th January. It is the first choice for me as I travel this route a few times every year. Overall it was good. Although I felt disappointed about the Guangzhou ground service, when they told us the shuttle bus for business class is late and we were even behind the economy class. I like the service from cabin crew. In terms of the seats of business class, I was quite happy to notice that the airline add a net in the gap between the seat and the armrest where passengers could easily drop their stuff into and hard to get them out. Although it can't be compared with fine dinning, I'm satisfied with the food I had during the flight. I really like the Boeing 787 cabin, it's quiet, steady and comfortable. The suggestions I would like to give, that the inflight entertaining system needs to be updated more frequently. Because I took the flight from London to Guangzhou last month, and the movie list is still the same as today's.
    - TaiLi Zhou (China), 7th January 2016